Privacy policy

1. The Contractor, adhering to the cooperation, guarantees that his company, the products, and the services from him lent, do not infringe on the rights of third parties and are free of defects. This, to the extent necessary to achieve the Contract also covers the materials provided by the Contracting Party to the website, for use in the works it carried out in the realization of the Contract. The Contractor declares that he has the right to use all the materials and goods present on its web pages, including the distinctive signs, the photographs and the descriptions to identify the goods and services offered in the Online Shop and to identify the Store online itself;

2. The Contracting Party, accepting the cooperation, accepts the free use by Stileo Ltd. of all the materials, as per law 1, to present products and offers of the Online Shop and to create a database of goods presented on the site, on sites cooperating with the site and other sites belonging to Stileo Ltd.;

3. The Contractor, in the course of cooperation with the website undertakes to comply with the rules regarding the protection and processing of personal data of its customers. Within this framework cooperation, Stileo Ltd. has the right to make available to the users of the Website photographs and product descriptions, to create sets presented on the Site The materials provided by the Contracting Party, as per point 1, are placed on the website for an undetermined time. However, the Contractor may terminate the contract for the provision of services, in reference to the positioning of their products on the Website and, after the termination of the contract, has the right to request cancellation of the materials delivered from the Website previously. If the aforementioned request is not submitted to the website, yes presumes to support the right to use all the materials used by the website; The timing of removal will depend on the time of communication, with respect to the schedules of the automatic system updates, scheduled every day at 3 am, at 9 am and at 3 pm.

4. All rights on the site and its content, hardware, and software that integrate the systems of the Contractor and of the Website, are the property of Stileo Ltd.
5. collects data about e-commerce transactions and assisted transactions. Gathered data: date, hour, transaction value from Stileo source. This data is used to calculate COS (cost of sales) and inventory optimization on Data is stored in a secure Sql database which is accessible for employees only. All gathered data is available for Shops in their's panel. No data is shared outside
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